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Canon Digital Learning Center presents: 5D Mark III and Speedlite 600EX-RT resource

New HD video features in the EOS 5D Mark III

There’s no one single headline feature for HD video recording that separates the EOS 5D Mark III from its legendary predecessor. But what we have is clear evidence that Canon’s engineers and designers listened to the requests and suggestions of a critical group of users – HD video shooters. And they’ve responded, with a variety of refinements and additions that enhance the HD video shooting experience. Image quality is better than ever, control is easier, audio monitoring and adjusting is much more effective, and editing after the shooting is done is easier as well with Time Code and choices of compression method. Learn about the new and improved HD Video Features in the EOS 5D Mark III on the Canon Digital Learning Center. read more..

For more information on the new EOS 5D Mark III, please review this article by CPN.

Speedlite 600EX-RT: Radio wireless basics

In one move, Canon has revolutionized the way photographers work with flash. The use of portable Speedlites has exploded over the past decade, along with the advent of digital SLRs, as photographers realize the advantages of speed, compactness, ease of set-up, travel and more that they provide. Now, the single remaining thing photographers have begged for – for years – is here. Radio-based, wireless flash triggering that’s all self-contained within a portable Speedlite. Read all about Canon’s new RT system in this in-depth article on the Canon Digital Learning Center — we’ll go over the fundamentals of this exciting new technology, and hopefully plant the seeds in readers’ minds about some of the almost limitless potential this new system brings to creative photographers.

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